Track 3 - Single Trail "Poggio all'Aglione"

Elevation gain uphill
285 mt
% Asphalt / Gravel
57 / 43
Montaione, Poggio all'Aglione, Torrente Egola
Explanation of the characteristics of the routes
Explanation of the characteristics of the routes


indicates the total length of the route from the starting to the arrival point.


indicates the time needed to complete the route considered an average (in motion) of about 10 km per hour for the mtb routes and 20 km per hour for the road bicycle routes, as well as a tolerance depending on the type of the path.

Elevation gain uphill

this is not the difference between the highest and lowest points reached during the journey, but the elevation gain uphill.
This is the sum of all altitude differences from the point of departure to the point of arrival. In other words, the greater the elevation gain uphill in height and the greater the number of climbs that must be faced, then the path will be harder.


Difficulty is always a very subjective parameter. We tried to give an assessment that considers a level of intermediate training and a good propensity to ride on dirt roads or long climbs sometimes challenging.

% Asfalto / Gravel

indicates, referring to the different locations of the territory of Montaione, the area where the route is located.


indicates, referring to the different locations of the territory of Montaione, the area where the route is located.

The path's graph, indicates the highest and lowest points reached during the itinerary, in addition to the mileage (in km), the various locations touched and where there is the possibility of obtaining water. In the latter case, Montaione Mtb Trail Area relieves itself of any responsibility in case of lack of water supply.

From the Montaione's roundabout (at the junction with the road leading to San Vivaldo) go up towards San Gimignano. After cycling for about 2 km, we pass in front of the remains of an ancient Roman cistern and turn right along some vineyards. Here, it is worth stopping a moment to admire a breathtaking view that sweeps from the Valdelsa to Monte Morello, on whose slopes is the city of Florence. We continue following an amusing "S" single trail that will take us to the "Egola" river. After having crossed the river "Egola" you enter, turning right, on "Via Tre Ponti" to return to Montaione.

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Why you should come to Montaione to do mountain biking

Saying that Montaione is located in the heart of Tuscany - one of the most beautiful regions of Italy - less than an hour's drive from the most famous cities of art like Florence, Siena, Lucca, Pisa and San Gimignano, surrounded by spectacular landscape and immersed in an uncontaminated territory would be reductive even if these are certainly the most important reasons to spend a holiday even if you are not doing sports.

However, there are more reasons, that will convince you to choose Montaione, as a favorite destination for your next cycling holidays.

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